NYC Subway Stabbing Victim Forgives Assailant

A tourist who was one of four people stabbed during a 13-hour rampage in the city says he forgives the man who nearly killed him.

Christopher McCarthy, 21, of Houston, was stabbed in the chest June 13 while he and his girlfriend were riding a subway train. Officials said McCarthy's aorta was punctured.

Three others, including two Canadian women, were wounded in attacks elsewhere in the subway system and in Times Square. McCarthy was the most seriously injured.

Kenny Alexis, 20, who lives in Boston but often visited New York, was indicted Monday on four counts of second-degree attempted murder and two counts each of first-degree assault, attempted assault and attempted robbery.

McCarthy was asked about Alexis as he left a hospital.

"I just forgive him and just love more," he said.

Despite his experience, he pledged to return to New York to see more of the sights.

"I've only felt warm feelings from everyone," McCarthy said.