Notorious Fugitive Found in Florida Nursing Home

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One of America’s top 15 most wanted fugitives was nabbed Tuesday by U.S. Marshalls after he was found living in a Florida nursing home.

David “Daddy Dave” Green, 68, was on the run for eight years after he broke out of an Ohio prison where he was doing time for cocaine distribution. He was the kingpin of Ohio’s largest cocaine operation, U.S. Marshalls told He often used family vacations as a cover to transport drugs.

"Everybody is afraid of this man. He ruled with an iron fist. He's known as the general of his army, his cocaine ring," said Jimmy Disbrow of the U.S. Marshals Service.

The elusive Green was even more difficult to catch because he had plastic surgery to alter his face and often wore disguises, reported.

But, a few months ago, Green suffered a stroke and was being cared for at the nursing home in Titusville, Fla.

Green, who was also wanted on a warrant from Georgia, was charged with possessing a machine gun and additional drug charges.

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