Notable Quotes: John Kerry Can Secure America

Wednesday's theme at the Democratic National Convention was "A Stronger, More Secure America." asked prominent convention-goers about whether John Kerry can make America feel more secure, and whether that message is reaching the American people.

Billy Baldwin, actor, representative of the Creative Coalition: "Without a doubt, without a doubt. When it comes to mending fences with the Germans and the French and the United Nations and NATO, I think [a Kerry administration] would take it more seriously. I think he has more credibility, I think they think he is brighter; I think they think he is less dangerous than Bush. And I am not just talking about Bush, but I'm talking about everybody behind him, we know who they are, we know their names, they're the usual suspects — (Vice President Dick) Cheney and (Defense Secretary Donald) Rumsfeld and all these other people."

Aldofo Carrion, Bronx, NYC Borough President: "We've lost our moral standing internationally, there is no question about that. Even people here, when you look at the numbers, the polls, and the public opinion about our behavior internationally, people say we are acting like cowboys. There are no weapons of mass destruction, there is no evidence, there are no ties with Al Qaeda, no direct ties. I think what Americans are looking for is definitely a change, and you see it as the polls begin to shift towards Kerry.

"And there is a sense that he will provide the kind of thoughtful leadership, the kind of pause that we need in an American leader. I think also a domestic program that focuses on our urban centers and creates jobs in our urban centers is a good national security program because as the people are working and getting educated and participating in the country, there is stability in our country and that is a good thing. I believe that this team is the right team."

James P. Hoffa, Teamsters President: "The war is going to continue and we all know we can't leave. And I think John Kerry is committed to that, absolutely committed to that, but on homeland security, we can do so much more to strengthen our ports, which is not being done, stop wasting money, as Bush has with regard to homeland security.  We've got to stop the privatization; we can make America stronger by stopping the privatization and giving all the money to Halliburton and friends of George Bush. Right now, money is being misallocated, it's being misspent and we're not getting the bang for our buck John Kerry will change all that, he will get the money to where it belongs, out to the first responders, to the people who are on call, to the police, in New York, Washington D.C. and Boston. So there are a lot of ways John Kerry will change the way we protect America. We will be stronger, we will be safer under John Kerry."

Michael Moore, filmmaker: "Let me answer that by asking you a question. If a group of people barged in here right now and started to attack us, you and me, who would you rather have standing right here with us, John Kerry or George W. Bush? Think about it in those terms, who do you think would have a better chance of surviving an assault on America with? The answer is clear, John Kerry."