Not So Suite Life: Family Wants Out of Living Alone in 32-Story Condo

It sounds like a dream-come-true: having a huge 32-story condo building in Florida all to yourself.

But for one man and his family, that situation has turned into a real-life nightmare.

Victor Vangelakos, 45, recently bought a condominium for $430,000 in the 32-story Oasis I building in Fort Myers, Fla., according to The News-Press.

Vangelakos, a firefighter from Weehawken, N.J., uses it as a vacation residence with his wife and three children.

But eerily, he doesn't have any neighbors. With the real estate collapse that began in 2006, potential buyers steered clear or transferred down payments to units in the Oasis II next door.

Vangelakos wasn't able to do that because his lender wouldn't allow a swap, according to the paper.

So he and his family are stuck in the lonely building, where the silence is unsettling and intruders are frequent. The swimming pool is often raided at night.

Once, “somebody banged on our door,” Vangelakos told The News-Press.

His attorney John Ewing said the family receives no marina or pro shop benefits as promised.

Now, Vangelakos wants to leave the unit, and is fighting to do just that — though he hasn't filed a lawsuit.

His attorney said it should be easy for the management company to make that happen.

“They have the ability to buy him out,” Ewing said. “They can resolve this in a fair way.”

But the company, The Related Group, said it's more complicated.

“We did not foresee, nor did anyone else foresee, the collapse of the real estate business and the concurrent collapse of the lending industry,” said Betsy Lu McCoy, vice president and associate corporate counsel for Related. “They’re caught and we’re caught.”

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