North Korean Leader's Son Arrives in Beijing

The flamboyant eldest son of North Korea's reclusive leader arrived in China's capital Sunday from the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.

Japanese television crews spotted Kim Jong Nam at Capital International Airport. His appearance in Beijing sparked interest among North Korea watchers, coming as the United States and North Korea were discussing Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programs across town.

A duty officer at the North Korean Embassy declined to comment on Kim or his travels. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not respond to telephone requests seeking comment.

Communist North Korea is highly secretive and rarely releases details about its leadership. Hong Kong and Japanese media reported last month that the 35-year-old Kim has been living in Macau, a former Portuguese colony that reverted to Chinese control in 1999.

Intelligence analysts believe the 35-year-old Kim fell out of favor with his father, Kim Jong Il, North Korea's leader, after the son was caught traveling on a forged passport trying to enter Japan to visit Tokyo Disneyland in 2001.

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