Nobel Peace Prize: Bush and Blair Best Bet?

A Norwegian parliamentarian nominated President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize (search) on Thursday, praising them for winning the war in Iraq.

"Sometimes it's necessary to use a small and effective war to prevent a much more dangerous war in the future," said Jan Simonsen, a right-wing independent in Norway's parliament.

'If nobody acted then Saddam Hussein could have produced weapons of mass destruction and, in five or 10 years, could have used them against Israel," he said.

An award to Bush and Blair would be a U-turn after the Nobel Committee awarded the 2002 prize to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter last October.

Nobel peace prize: Bush and Blair best bet?

A sample of your responses:

GW and TB could devise a plan to bring peace for the next millennium and Carter would get it.
Mike M.
North Plainfield, NJ

Blair or Bush - Nobel Peace Prize? Give me a break!
Zyla C.

If the Nobel Peace Prize Committee runs true to recent form, it will reward the French who stood in the way, not the nations which ended decades of suffering. Just look at Jimmy Carter and the way he handled Iran!
Lutherville, MD

The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. Just look at who has gotten it in the past. How can you think that a left leaning organization like that would ever award the prize to Bush and Blair? The nomination is just a setup for another European slap in the face to Bush when they award it to someone like Saddam for trying to avoid a war by "destroying" all of his WMD.
Tom P.
Roselle, IL

Absolutely President Bush and Prime Minister Blair deserve an award for their efforts.  However, given recent actions, the Nobel committee has lost all credibility on the world stage.  Winning the "Peace Prize" is now meaningless.  I have to wonder if this nomination is less about honoring two men, than it is of the Nobel committee trying to recoup its own reputation.
Dana P.
Lynn, MA

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