No U.N. Vote: Who Wins?

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A U.S.-backed resolution for war in Iraq was in serious doubt as a majority of Security Council members openly acknowledged they wouldn't support the measure despite weeks of intense negotiations.

With hundreds of thousands of troops poised for action in the Persian Gulf, the White House was forced to consider withdrawing the resolution it filed three weeks ago or calling a vote it seemed certain to lose.

If the United States decides to take action without a U.N. vote, what will happen?

No U.N. vote: Who wins?

A sample of your responses:

Who wins? No one wins indecision. The U.N. has no clarity in their purpose and with that, no action in thought.
Ken L.
Glenville, N.C.

Who wins? Let's hope the liberated Iraqi people!
Columbia City, Ind.

We do! Why? We have the four votes we really need: The U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps.
Charles S.
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Iraq loses. Focus on the core issues.  This is "World Opinion" versus the United States acting to preserve its own security.  Is "World Opinion" more important than the security of the United States....This is a no brainer: we take out Iraq, we win.  We don't, we lose because we have allowed the U.N. to hamstring our ability to defend our own National Security.
Carey H.
Baton Rouge, La.

Isn't it possible that we aren't really waiting for the U.N.? Isn't it possible that we are getting ourselves prepared and then trying to make it look like we are going through the proper channels?
Colleen S.
Far Hills, N.J.

Enough is enough. Diplomacy hasn't worked. You are either with us or against us.
Irene S.
Papillion, Neb.

I think it boils down to this. The U.N. vote is a battle in a much larger war. We don't need to be so concerned with whether or not we win the battle as long as we win the war.
Jeff W.
Norwalk, Conn.

I am not sure who wins if there is not a U.N. vote, but I do know who loses -- President Bush.
Mark C.
Everett, Wash.

Gen. Tommy Franks [U.S. commander who would lead a war against Iraq] wins if there is no U.N. vote. Then again, he wins if there is a vote too.

Saddam will lose and for the rest of the countries on the fence, they will have to live with their choice.  They defended a sadistic dictator and turned their back on the United States.  So I guess they all lose too.
Deborah W.
Wyoimissing, Penn.

Either way, when the U.S. liberates Iraq, the Iraqi people win.
Michael C.
Columbia, S.C.

It is not who wins if the Security Council takes no vote on enforcing its resolutions. It is who loses. The United Nations and NATO lose. And the blame lies with France and other nations that do not believe in standing up for doing the right thing.
Alan W.
Orlando, Fla.

With no vote, no one wins and the U.N. loses....It is passed time to walk away and give the order! Let's roll!
Mike D.
Gladstone, Mich.

No vote: We win. It takes us out of the United Nations. In the U.N. quagmire, the only winner is Saddam Hussein.
Bob A.

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