No Sympathy for Omaha Mall Shooter

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The mall shooter was described in newspaper reports today as quiet and depressed. I think the newspaper reporters wanted a music track of violins playing hearts and flowers.

Quiet and depressed is a vast understatement. The mall shooter was angry, malevolent, psychotic, and a common criminal with a gun who was too much of a coward to go to prison for what he had done. That's why he shot himself.

I don't have sympathy for him, and I don't think most people do either. I think most people are disgusted to read the hearts and flowers shrinkage of the kid.

He fits an all-too-familiar pattern: Kids playing with real guns as if they are playing video games. And it doesn't quite work to say they were desensitized to violence, because after all he was sensitized enough to know how horrific it was and to make sure he wasn't around to answer for it.

I suppose there were warning signs, but it also seems useless to talk about warning signs if no one will do anything. The warning signs should have told somebody to lock him up. They could force-feed him his meds. They could give him a lobotomy. They could keep him under lock and key forever. All of it would have been better than eight people dying because they were trying to get their Christmas shopping done and some demented excuse for a human being thought it was a good day to kill.

With all due respect to those who think these baby-faced killers need help, I'll volunteer. I'll help walk them to a jailhouse door. I'll help them to a high window to jump out of. I'll help them lift a pill to their lips and gulp it down. But I won't help them clean up their reputations with phony sympathy for their alleged plight.

He was nothing but a criminal who cheated justice by killing himself. The dirty secret nobody will say is everybody thinks he should have started with himself instead of saving himself for last.

I know it's harsh, but it's true.

That's My Word.

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