Well, I hope Senator Obama doesn not "hate" FOX News, but I think it is fair to say he doesn't flip over us.

That is fine, Senator. Here's what isn't: Blasting those who simply challenge you — challenge you on numbers that don't add up and programs whose costs don't measure up.

We do the same here with your opponent, and his folks don't much like it either, senator. And trust me, I have the angry phone calls and e-mails from their people to prove it.

My point, Senator Obama, is you're a sensation, but you're not a saint — and not above being challenged.

Yours has been a gilded, almost charmed political life. Remarkable, really, which explains the media's reaction to you fully. You are very, very good. And the media is very, very impressed.

But not all in the media — who take nothing away from you and your remarkable story but do insist on taking it to you on your policies. There is a difference, senator.

Appreciating our obligation to distinguish is what makes a leader, not a whiner. Your hero John Kennedy got that. Do you?

You clearly relish a media that fawns over you, but does that mean getting childishly pricklish when some refuse to?

You are free not to answer our questions, but we're free to keep raising them, even as your campaign feels free to question the motives behind them.

Some of your surrogates have even gone so far as to say it's a racial thing. Senator, please, this has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but maybe the thickness of it.

If you become president, senator, you will run into far worse than portly financial anchors questioning your math. You have now invited some to question your very temperament — a man who beneath that cool and calm exterior hides a remarkably long memory and an even more remarkable — even childish — short fuse.

You are far too busy to answer my advice now, senator. I just hope, if you become president, that you will remember it.

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