No Jail for Man Convicted of Selling Drugs Near School

A 23-year-old man found guilty of selling crack cocaine three times near an elementary school and then fled during his trial, will not serve prison time, reported.

Aunrekki D. West was convicted of three Class A felonies — two counts of delivering a controlled substance near a school and one count of second degree drug trafficking, the Web site reported.

They carry a sentence of 10 years to life in prison on Jan. 9, according to the report.

The Platte County Prosecutor's Office asked the court to sentence him to 15 years on each count, running them consecutively for a total sentence of 45 years, but instead they gave West five years probation after serving 60 days, the station reported.

West will be ordered released on March 15, because the court gave him credit for time served.

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd said, "When a criminal repeatedly sells crack near a school and then flees during his trial, I believe he needs to go to prison for a long time. Sadly, Missouri's Sentencing Commission and the Court appear to disagree."

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