You know why a lot of people are nervous about this health care thing? They're not getting answers.

And you know what really annoys them? The folks who are supposed to provide those answers are offended by the questions.

Questions like: "Will I ever have to wait for vital care?"

Answer: No.

Question: But they wait in Canada.

Answer: But not that long.

Question: But some, very long.

Answer: Very overblown.

Question: So I won't have to stand in a long line?

Answer: Not now.

Question: Will you pay for this taxing health benefits folks already have now?

Answer: Everything's on the table.

Question: Well, is that on the table?

Answer: We're looking at a lot of things.

Question: OK, then on that specific tax health benefit thing?

Answer: Move on.

Question: OK, what about sticking with my existing doctor?

Answer: Of course, everything you have now and you like now, you can keep with this now.

Question: But what if my doctor is thrown into a new pool of doctors. A lot more people will want to see him now will I be standing in a longer line for him now too?

Answer: Ridiculous. Everything you love now, you keep now.

Question: Then why the hell are we changing things now if everything is fine now.

Answer: Because everything is not fine for everyone now. We need to think of them.

Question: And pay for them.

Answer: Yes.

Question: How much?

Answer: All things we're looking at. But in the long run it will be more efficient.

Question: How do you know?

Answer: We know.

Question: Yeah, but how?

Answer: Because we trust the government to streamline things.

Question: The same government with the $1,000 hammers and billion dollar bridges to nowhere? That government?

Answer: No. Different government. Better government.

Question: But same guys in government, right?

Answer: Kind of.

Question: Kind of what?

Answer: Kind of late. Gotta go. Just trust us.

And you guys wonder why I'm worried about us. It's not because I'm not getting answers. They're not even entertaining questions.

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