Nintendo: 600,000 Wiis Sold in U.S. in First Eight Days

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Nintendo Co. said consumers in the Americas snapped up more than 600,000 of its Wii video game systems in eight days, totaling about $190 million in sales, as it competes with Sony Corp.'s (SNE) new PlayStation 3.

Sales of both long-awaited systems are not expected to meet demand until next year. The Wii launched Nov. 19; the PS3 made its U.S. debut Nov. 17.

Sony Corp. has said it will have about 1 million PS3 systems for North American stores by the end of the year. Nintendo said it will have shipped 4 million units.

"We've shipped retailers several times the amount of hardware the other company was able to deliver for its launch around the same time — and we still sold out," Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said in a statement.

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