Nine-Time Surrogate Mom Risks Life to Carry Triplets for Infertile Couple

A British woman, who is 24 weeks into her ninth surrogate pregnancy, says she will continue to carry triplets for an infertile couple despite a warning from doctors that her life could be at risk.

Doctors have also warned Carole Horlock, 41, that because of her age the triplets are more likely to be born with disabilities or die during the birth, according to a report in Britain's Daily Mail.

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But Horlock said she is determined to deliver all three babies and refused even to consider having one of them terminated.

"I'm not against abortion but I think if you intentionally start a life then you have no right to end it," she told the Daily Mail. "I'm a healthy woman and I have delivered twins before with no problems so I don't think it would be justified."

The habitual surrogate has two children, daughters ages 13 and 16, of her own. Horlock, who moved to France two years ago, has given birth to six girls and three boys. She is carrying two girls and a boy for a Greek couple, and says she already has her next surrogate gig lined up.