Nicole Kidman, some college geeks and a big bad wolf in the full moon glow of The Foxlight.

Happy birthday. I hope you like what I got you it's Nicole Kidman. She's wrapped up as a Russian bride in Birthday Girl. The one problem with this amusing-turned-unpleasant romp is that it's been on the shelf for a while and may be just be coming out now to cash in on the Nicky craze. But hey, it's only 93 minutes.

Can they make a good movie or is this a Slacker like the title says? Jason Schwartzman, who was great in Rushmore, discovers a college grades scam and blackmails the guys doing it.

Finally, will audiences howl at this wolf when it opens wider this weekend? Brotherhood of The Wolf is that French import that has so many different genres it was probably written with a Cusinart.