Nicole Kidman, Jason Priestley and Dennis Miller

Nicole Kidman, Jason Priestley and Dennis Miller in the rant ridden replayed world of The Foxlight.

Nicole Kidman may be tired of that nosey de-glam look from The Hours. But will playing a madam make her feel more beautiful? She doesn't look a thing like her -- but Kidman is said to be attached to an upcoming film about Heidi Fleiss. Haven't we already seen that story on E? And the big question is, will Charlie Sheen play himself?

Jason Priestley says he's much more in touch with his spiritual side since that racing accident that nearly took his life. He tells Barbara Walters he doesn't know why he was "returned" after he stopped breathing for almost a minute after the smash up. Was he returned to keep racing? He thinks so. But Walters looks plenty nervous when she gets into a car with him.

Finally, Dennis Miller had a great line about the situation in the Middle East. He says the only smoking gun he needs to see is the one that's just wasted Saddam Hussein. He ranted with Jay Leno Wednesday night.