Nicole Kidman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Johnny Depp and another Saturday Night Live skit stretched beyond reason new on DVD and in The Foxlight.

Lots of people thought this was the movie that would bring Nicole Kidman that Oscar nomination. It probably helped, but she wouldn't have beaten Halle Berry with this performance either. The Others is the film a smart director got to make by letting Tom Cruise remake Vanilla Sky. For Nicole, that's what they call a win-win situation. The Others is creepier than their late marriage. Don't watch it home alone.

Next, it would be easy to say Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. went to the dogs because it's true. Except Snow Dogs made a lot of money. Probably will also be a big rental. And no, the dogs don't really talk. That's a brief dream sequence.

One of the best releases is the terrific and underrated From Hell about Jack The Ripper starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. She's in slightly over her head but Depp is great as an opium smoking investigator trying to protect women of the night from the dark.

Finally, Chris Kattan is talented. Keep chanting that while watching Corky Romano and send him a good script if you have one laying around.