Nice to Meet My New Family

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I hope you liked today's show at home because we sure liked it in the studio. Steve played host to one of the best cooking segments in Friends history with its central ingredient being homemade whiskey.

The show was dominated by three topics: baseball and steroids; Robert Blake's (search) acquittal; and Scott Peterson's (search) death sentence. The special guest host for the day, filling in for E.D., was Marilu Henner. She was so natural it was scary. Just when you think your job is somewhat challenging, she comes off the street and knocks it out of the park. It was funny to hear her story about Robert Blake as she recounted how he called her for months after he auditioned for his pilot. I got the idea he was a whack job then and as he seems to be now. It was also interesting to go through still photos of people most important to her and her life … and to see in the middle of the slideshow a picture of a family she's never met!! Only on Fox & Friends can things like that happen.

I also knew it would be a different day on the set when producer Jess Todtfeld showed up with a blazer on. Jess only comes to the show when celebrities need a key aide or we need a key grip and/or best boy.

On the steroid beat, our staff did a super job booking Jim Bunning, hall of fame pitcher turned senator. His credibility cannot be questioned. His plan to save this era in baseball from the record books is just perfect, but it requires the players using the drugs to come clean. Bunning says we should toss out all hits and feats performed the day after players started using. Think about it, if Jason Giambi did use, as he all but admitted, let's just get a start date and rid the record books and then go for Bonds who is all but believed to be an abuser from coast to coast. What's strange is Bonds was rerouted to the hall of fame career before he allegedly started using HGH or THG or anything else.

Behind the scenes, Matt, the executive producer, is on vacation and Melissa Smith has decided to move onto radio — our third talented staffer to move to another area of FOX News. The good news is Maria will be back soon from her well deserved maternity leave.

Thanks for watching and please join us tomorrow as we tackle every issue you think is important … in a fun dismissive way. Thanks also to all who keep buying "Games Do Count," the book that chronicles the sports careers of America's most famous faces. Ironically, three of my biggest features, Senator McCain, Senator Biden and President Bush, all cited steroid use in baseball as a major health issue. Go to for more information.


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