Newborn Survives Falling Through Toilet Onto Train Tracks

A newborn baby managed to survive a tumultuous birth that included falling into the toilet and slipping onto train tracks under a moving train, Agence France-Presse reported.

Rinku Debu Ray, 28, was aboard an express train in West Bengal, India on Tuesday when she suddenly went into labor.

Ray went into the bathroom of her train car to deliver the baby, who fell into the toilet, according to the Times of India and Hindustan Times. Before Ray could grab the baby, the baby slipped through a discharge chute and landed on the train tracks below.

The distressed mother immediately jumped off the train to look for her baby, but other passengers believed she was trying to kill herself.

“We got off the train and started looking for my wife,” Bhola Ray, 33, told the Hindustan Times. “After an hour, we found Rinku sitting beside the track with the baby in her lap.”

The train took both mother and baby to the nearest hospital, and doctors said both were in “good health.”

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