New Zealand Reporter Faces Scrutiny Over Security Stunt

Less than 24 hours after two pilots were stabbed in their cockpit over New Zealand, a newspaper reporter is being condemned for boarding an Air New Zealand flight at Auckland Airport with a knife and fake gun, the Brisbane Times reported.

The communication manager for the Civil Aviation Authority called the reporter's actions "irresponsible and illegal," adding he could have compromised the safety of other passengers, according to the report.

Jonathan Marshall a reporter for the Sunday News, was trying to prove security at the airport was lax.

"There were no checks and I was free to walk on with anything I pleased," Marshall wrote in the Sunday News. "Despite carrying the kitchen knife, with a 20cm blade and a toy firearm clearly banned under civil aviation regulations, absolutely no interest was shown in the contents of my hand luggage, despite the presence of state-of-the-art X-ray equipment inside Auckland's domestic terminal."

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