New York Times' Bias Is Kristol Clear

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Another tale of weirdness from the New York Times and this time it involves one of the steady hands around here at FOX.

Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard and a frequent contributor here at FOX, is now writing a once a week column for The Times.

The left-wing blogs have been having a cow about this for a few weeks and when Kristol's first column appeared in the hallowed op-ed pages of The Times two weeks ago, you would have thought the Huns were sacking Rome the way the left wailed to the heavens.

The left blames Kristol for any number of offenses, starting with George Bush himself and winding down a long, yellow brick road past the Iraq War, the alleged Bush "go it alone" policy and yada yada yada.

The Times has a public editor, a so-called independent voice representing readers and the grunts in the trenches at The Times, and he has now taken up the Kristol outrage twice.

A week ago, Clark Hoyt, the public editor, wrote that it was a mistake of Times management to hire Kristol, because of all of Kristol's many offenses against the left. On Monday, Hoyt wrote again, saying, well it was a mistake, but I guess we'll all live.

The Times editorial page is avowedly liberal and avowedly anti-Bush and anti-war and anti-tax cuts. You cannot line a birdcage in America anymore with the odd glance at a Times columnist attacking Republicans and Bush. So what is so wrong with hearing a challenging voice at least once a week?

A splash of cold water in the face once a week not only won't hurt, it might just help.

If The Times can't take an argument with Kristol, how can it face down Al Qaeda? Oh, that's right — The Times would say Al Qaeda is not our job.

And there you have it. When it comes to newspapers, the Bush doctrine still rings true: You're either for us or against us.

And that is My Word.

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