New York Teen Challenges Obama Over 'Change' Slogan

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Democratic presidential canididate Sen. Barack Obama has described himself as the candidate of change, but a New York teen has asserted his legal status as inventor of change, or at least a slogan used in Obama's campaign, according to a newspaper report.

Stefan Doyno, 19, took out a patent on the phrase 'Change Rocks' three years ago to market his line of boutique jewelry and stones. Through a Web search, he found out that the very same trademark was used for an Oct. 7, fundraiser and concert for the Illinois senator in Chicago, according to a report in the White Plains Journal News.

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Attorneys for the first-year SUNY-Buffalo student fired off a letter to the candidates' camp stating that any use of 'Change Rocks' on t-shirts or memorabilia would constitute copyright infringement.

An Obama spokeswoman said that no clothing has been sold with the 'Change Rocks' slogan and invited Doyno to join the hopeful's grassroots network in New York, the state of Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.