New York Judge Orders Passenger to Pay $23G for Fake Bomb Scare

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A judge ordered a passenger who allegedly faked a bomb scare at JFK Airport to pay JetBlue $23,000 for forcing an emergency landing, the New York Post reported.

Rosalinda Baez, 31, missed a flight to Austin, Texas, in April, although her luggage was already on board when she demanded that they be returned, the Post reported.

When Baez's request was declined, according to court documents, she asked a JetBlue employee, "What if I had a bomb in my bag?"

She then allegedly said, "Well, I have a bomb in my bag, so are you guys going to turn the plane around 'cause I need my bag?"

The plane was later diverted to Richmond, Va., where it made an emergency landing, the Post reported.

Baez pleaded guilty yesterday to possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. Charges related to the bogus bomb were dropped, the Post reported. She faces up to six months in jail when she's sentenced in November.

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