New shows, new hosts, new boasts and new "Dohs!" all in the out of focus group glare of The Foxlight.

Oprah doesn't sing or dance, and only occasionally tells a joke. Rosie is turning over the reins of her talk show/soapbox to a new host. So is daytime ready for Wayne Brady?

Syndicators are shopping a daily talk/variety show for the Whose Line Is It Anyway ad libber. He had a brief run in a nighttime version of the show. Can he do the same zany thing in daytime? Stay tuned.

Speaking of new shows, Carson Daly is supposed to be launching his new chat show, Last Call this week. It's the latest revamp of the show that used to be called Later and airs after Conan. Can any of his Total Request Live fans stay up that late?

Hank Azaria may soon join the ranks of Emeril and Jason Alexander if the advance buzz is right on his new sitcom, Imagine That. Back to The Simpsons, Apu.

So "center square" Whoopi Goldberg is back as host of the Oscars? That's fine, but shouldn't the new home of the Oscars have gotten a whole new host? Like Chris Rock? Or Jon Stewart? C'mon Oscar, get a little hipper in your new crib.