New Redskins Head Coach Goes Biking With President Bush

The new head coach of the Washington Redskins is quickly making his way around town.

Jim Zorn spent a few hours biking with President Bush on Sunday morning at Fort Belvoir, Va., one of the commander in chief's favorite spots to ride.

Bush is an avid mountain bike rider who rarely misses opportunities for a weekend spin when he is staying at the White House. Zorn, a former player and coach for the Seattle Seahawks, has tackled expert bike trails during the summer at a Canadian ski resort.

"The president occasionally invites mountain bikers to join him for his vigorous rides," White House press secretary Dana Perino said. "He enjoys a good, competitive ride, and everyone who's had a chance to ride with him says they are amongst the toughest rides around."

Zorn, who replaced Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs this year, might have needed some presidential support. In Zorn's coaching debut Thursday night, the Redskins lost to the New York Giants.

"I always want to be good at everything," Zorn said earlier this year. "But nobody has expectations for me to be a great bike rider or a kayaker. In football, there are players, assistant coaches, owners, media, fans. ... There's a lot of people that expect me to be great at my job."