New Pakistan Taliban Leader Vows to Carry on War Against the West

The new leader of the Tehreik-e-Taliban has said he will take over the war against the West which was unfinished by his predecessor.

The head of the Taliban in Pakistan, Hakimullah Mehsud, issued his threats in a rare interview obtained by Sky News.

The Pakistani authorities had said Hakimullah had been killed in a gun battle between rival Taliban factions fighting over who should be the group's leader.

But in video said to have been filmed a few weeks ago in the tribal region of South Waziristan, Hakimullah is seen smiling and talking to crowds of supporters.

The people thronging round him appear to accept him as their leader.

He is often flanked by hooded gunmen but in his interview he claims support from across a wide spectrum.

"All the Taliban are not Pashtuns. The Taliban are those who love their religion," he says.

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