New Jersey Cat Strays 800 Miles Away From Home to Georgia

Heathcliff the cat somehow hitched a nearly 800-mile ride from New Jersey to Georgia — most likely on a moving van, authorities said.

The orange and white shorthair was reported missing Oct. 24 from Sicklerville, N.J. The animal was identified Nov. 9 at an animal shelter in Lawrenceville where a resident took the cat after trapping him.

D. Mosier, an animal control officer, scanned Heathcliff for a microchip, as she does with all animals that show up at the Gwinnett Animal Welfare and Enforcement Center. The microchip led to information that the kitty was reported missing.

A volunteer rescue group shuttled the cat back to its owner Wednesday.

Last week, a Lawrenceville woman provided what might be the answer to how the cat ended up in the Atlanta suburb. The woman called Mosier and told her she helped her son move out of a New Jersey apartment shortly before the cat turned up in Georgia.