If you are one of many who are kept awake at night because of your partner’s loud snoring – there is finally hope.

A new shot could cure snoring, London’s Daily Mail reported.

The shot, which is made of the chemical sodium tetradecyl, is injected onto the roof of the snorer’s mouth and acts as a hardening agent.

Dr. Hadi Al-Jassim in Liverpool, England, tested the shot on 400 patients and had successful results.

"In most cases, it’s the men who snore, and their partners suffer sleep deprivation, and at the end of the day, you have to keep your partner happy, though women do snore as well," Al-Jassim said. "I’m delighted with the treatment because, until this, there has been no effective treatment other than surgery."

Al-Jassim said most patients found the shot lasted one year, but the injection can be given up to three times a year.

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