New Book Claims Hitler Took Bulls' Semen to Satisfy Mistress

Adolf Hitler took 82 medicines, including a primitive form of Viagra, to satisfy his mistress, a new book claimed Saturday.

The tyrant was afraid of pills so most of the drugs were injected, his physician's papers revealed.

Hitler — 56 when he died — believed a cocktail of young bulls' semen and prostate glands would give him energy for sex with Eva Braun, 33.

He supplemented that with testosterone jabs, The Sun reported.

The dictator also had terrible wind and took "massive" amounts of anti-flatulence drugs containing rat poison.

Dr Theodor Morrell's box of tricks included speed, sedatives and opiates. At one stage, Hitler had 28 "hits" a day.

Archives and formerly classified military documents also said ranting Hitler had nodules removed from his vocal chords.

The authors said the drugs were not behind his actions, adding: "At no time did he suffer pathological delusions. He was always aware of his actions."