Nevada Carjacking Suspect Gets Stuck in Freshly Poured Concrete

An attempted carjacking was foiled and the suspect captured when he ran and became mired in freshly poured concrete at a construction site, police said.

Construction workers helped nab Rudy Aguas after police said he pistol-whipped a motel guest packing luggage into a truck Tuesday morning.

According to police, the 30-year-old guest of the Courtyard by Marriott was leaving the hotel and packing his luggage, while his girlfriend and small child were in the vehicle.

Aguas, 25, allegedly placed a pistol to his head while the man stood at the rear of his truck. Another suspect stood by the open driver's door near the woman and their child.

Police said Aguas demanded the vehicle and struck the man three times in the head with the butt of his gun.

The suspects fled after the victim grabbed for the gun and it fired in the air.

An officer saw Aguas running and followed him into a building, where he ran into a freshly poured concrete floor, police said.

Aguas was tacked by construction workers and arrested.

The second suspect remained at large.