Neighbor of Australian Fire Victim: Arsonists 'Will Have to Pay'

A father of a 5-year-old boy is among at least 108 killed in the devastating fires that have destroying towns and lives in Australia.

The remains of the 37-year-old man were found by friends at his burnt-out home in Wandong — where at least three other bodies have been found — Sunday morning.

Jarrod Champion, who saw what remained of his friend, said the arsonists behind the fires "will have to pay."

"My brother found him… it's just a skull left," Champion said. "[My brother] is devastated, he won't talk."

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Neighbor of Fire Victim: Arsonists Will Have to Pay

He said that the 37-year-old’s wife and five-year-old son had fled the town earlier, but the man was about to leave with his expensive jetboat when the fire hit his home.

Rumors swept through the town that two teenagers had been arrested in connection with the fires, but that was denied by a police spokeswoman.

Champion said the people behind the fires need to be punished.

"If the coppers can't get them, and someone else finds them, they’ll kill them. Watch your back, that's all I want to say to them. Watch your back 24/7."

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