National Guard Training Bomb Falls Into Oklahoma Apartment

A National Guard training bomb fell off a fighter jet and into a Tulsa apartment Thursday afternoon, but the loss wasn't discovered until late that night.

The 25-pound practice bomb landed in the bathroom of apartment 20-10 in the Canyon Creek apartment complex. But, luckily, no one was home. Still the family who lives there is shaken up.

A bathroom wall torn out and debris stacked in a trash can. Jeremy Isbell's child's bathroom was marked for bulls eye by a training bomb.

Called a Bomb Dummy Unit 33, the training munition came from an F-16 fighter jet, now under armed guard at the Tulsa Air National Guard Base.

The plane took off Thursday afternoon just before three o'clock in route to a training exercise in Salina, Kansas. After heading south for three miles, it turned right over the Canyon Creek apartments. The training bomb, which did not have any explosive material inside, fell from the plane.

The pilot wasn't aware the device had fallen and the National Guard is investigating. While Jeremy waits for answers as well, he's thankful his two young children and wife hadn't made it home. Major General Wyatt emphasized none of the Air National Guard planes fly over Tulsa with actual bombs or explosives. He also says that until the investigation is complete, they will not use any of those training bombs.