Natalee Holloway's Father Reacts to Joran van der Sloot's Callous 'Confession'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Natalee Holloway's father, Dave Holloway, joins us live from Meridian, Mississippi. It's nice to see you, Dave.


VAN SUSTEREN: Dave, in some ways it sounds like a dopey question, but I am curious how it feels to watch that tape, whether it gives you answers and whether it makes you feel any different — better, worse, or indifferent — listening to Joran.

HOLLOWAY: You know, the smoke is still blowing out of my ears, Greta. Peter called me sometime last week and confirmed what I had thought all along, that Natalee was no longer with us. And he asked me to watch the show and I'd get further details on the audio and video portion.

I was expecting a simple confession or whatever, and it shell-shocked me the attitude and insensitivity of this kid in describing what happened to Natalee and all that. It just went from a — I'm a human, and those thoughts run across your mind after you see that.

VAN SUSTEREN: It's so interesting, on the tape he fits that description of how he was described to us that first night when the press wasn't around and your friends and Beth met up and Jug met up with him.

And on tape, when he was with us, he had a different — he seemed different.

HOLLOWAY: Yes, he did. And I think you saw the true Joran Van Der Sloot in that tape. And Beth had confirmed it to me that that was the same attitude he had the first night she met him.

VAN SUSTEREN: There is ongoing right now a search. It's been going on since November. Can you tell me a little bit about this?

HOLLOWAY: Yes. This search started probably six weeks ago. The boat came out of Louisiana. It's owned by John Savetti(ph), Louis Shaffer(ph), and Tim Trajan(ph), along with Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch organized this, along with some input from me as well.

And they actually floated this boat all the way to Aruba, and they've been working the area off the coast of Aruba for about six or seven weeks now. And with this new information, they have now pulled forward towards the coastline.

But a lot of that information can you viewed — if you go to Tim's website,, you can click on a link and see what's happening.

VAN SUSTEREN: You can actually follow the search that they are doing, the mapping of the ocean floor, right?

HOLLOWAY: You can actually see some of the items they've picked up and the mapping of certain items on the bottom of the ocean. They've identified a number of targets that they'll soon be checking out.

VAN SUSTEREN: Dave, does it get any easier as time goes on, this whole — because this is such a terrible tragedy for any parent, but what do you tell other parents?

HOLLOWAY: You know, it does and it doesn't. You have your up days and down days. And, obviously, watching this tape, it just brings back the stress and anxiety.

But you have to rationalize that we're moving forward. We're a step closer than what we were. And you get down, and when they were released, you think it's all over with, and I was holding on to this boat search, that we've still got this last chance, and it is a chance, and maybe we'll get some answers from that.

And then all of a sudden out of the blue, like a lot of things that have happened, here we go. We've got a confession.

VAN SUSTEREN: And, of course, we see you and Beth and there are a lot of people who have lots of pain — your wife, Robin, who we know very well — all these people who have had enormous loss and pain from this.

Dave, thank you, and I hope we move forward and get you some more answers, and that anyone who can help out will get you some answers. Thank you, Dave.

HOLLOWAY: Thanks, Greta.

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