Narc, Just Married and LL Cool J

Narc gets even more violent for DVD, no bliss for Just Married couple and LL Cool J's Deliver Us From Eva The Foxlight.

It was a great movie on the big screen and I'm sure I'll like it even more on DVD. It's Narc with super charged performances from Jason Patric and perpetual "throbbing vein on the forehead" Ray Liotta. The cop genre seemed completely played out until I saw this fresh and utterly exhilarating film last year. But can any of the deleted scenes be even more violent?

Next, maybe it should be called "Just Divorced" since the stars broke up practically the day after this thing opened in theaters. But here's the slapstick comedy with former couple Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy called Just Married. It did just OK in theaters, but since the humor often looked like a sitcom it should be more comfortable on the small screen.

Finally, can ladies man LL Cool J woo anyone? He's paid $5,000 to try in Deliver Us From Eva.  But most critics thought "deliver us from this movie." If you like LL, that may be it's saving grace. Otherwise, return to sender.