Naomi Campbell Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Aide Who Accused Her of Abuse

Naomi Campbell has settled a lawsuit with a former employee who claims the British supermodel abused her verbally and physically on three continents.

The settlement of the lawsuit by Amanda Brack, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., came to light Thursday when a judge in Manhattan issued a brief order granting dismissal of the case.

The order said only that "the action has settled and been discontinued" according to the lawyers' agreement dated April 27. No settlement terms were disclosed, and lawyers for Brack and Campbell did not return telephone calls Thursday.

Brack, 21, sued Campbell in July 2006 for unspecified money damages, accusing her of assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress. Brack's papers said the abusive incidents started a month after she began working for Campbell in February 2005.

Brack's lawsuit was filed while Campbell, 36, was in plea negotiations with Manhattan prosecutors about an assault charge. In that case Campbell was accused of throwing a cell phone at an employee in a dispute over a missing pair of jeans.

Brack's attorney, Gerald McCarthy, has said his client and Campbell first met in Paris in a nightclub ladies' room where the model was upset about a "costume malfunction." He said Brack helped and impressed the model, who then asked Brack to work for her.

McCarthy said Campbell subsequently assaulted Brack on several occasions in 2005 in Brazil, Morocco and Campbell's apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan. He said a July 2005 incident, when Campbell implied Brack was stealing from her, was the last straw and Brack quit a few days later.