Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader (search) ignores criticism from Democrats that he will damage John Kerry's presidential bid and insists he is in the race for the long haul.

In 2000, Nader ran on the Green Party (search) ticket, and some Democrats charged that he cost Al Gore the election. Nader says they should get over it.

"If the Democrats would stop whining about Greens and get to work, they would win this election," he said.

Nader says he doesn't have much time for liberals who, fearing he could help re-elect President Bush, have condemned his independent bid for the White House.

"So far as I know, I haven't been criticized by anyone who doesn't have life insurance, health insurance, a good job and a retirement plan. My compass is the American people who are falling behind," Nader said.

He also says this year he has a real chance to steal Republican votes from the president, arguing that conservatives opposed to the Patriot Act (search) and big deficits have something in common with him.

Nader told Fox News he's in the race to stay even if it looks like he's siphoning votes from John Kerry.

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