N.Y. Lawmakers Want to Limit Duration of Handgun Licenses in Response to Rampage

Spurred by a gunman's rampage in Binghamton, two New York lawmakers want to limit the duration of state handgun licenses and require renewals every five years.

Sen. Eric Schneiderman and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin say it's time to reform the "dangerous lifetime permit system." They pointed to the April 3 mass shooting by licensed handgun owner Jiverly Wong, who killed 13 people and then himself.

They say current laws don't require any review of a licensee's subsequent criminal convictions, mental health or behavior that might raise red flags.

New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties require permit renewals every three to five years, but both Democrats say state law prohibits that in other counties. Schneiderman represents Manhattan. Paulin is from Westchester.