N.Y. Laundry Worker Finds Fetus in Hospital Blanket

Police are trying to find out who threw the remains of a male fetus out with a Brooklyn hospital's laundry.

A worker at the Oceanside Institutional Industries Inc. laundry service in Freeport was sorting through dirty hospital linens on Wednesday and discovered the fetus, weighing less than half a pound, wrapped in a blue hospital blanket, Nassau County police said Saturday.

The laundry had been delivered there in a shipment from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, police said.

Nassau County Police Sgt. Keechant Sewell said the umbilical cord attached to the fetus was clean and had been clamped.

The county medical examiner's office determined the fetus was from a pregnancy in its 17th to 20th weeks, couldn't have survived outside the womb, and had been delivered one or two days before it was discovered.

Police said hospital officials and police haven't determined how the fetus was delivered, whether the mother suffered a miscarriage, or who could have disposed of it. An autopsy performed this week was inconclusive.

"It appears that maybe somebody was embarrassed or didn't know what their options were," Nassau County Sgt. Keechant Sewell said Saturday.

State health officials had no immediate comment. A hospital spokesman didn't return a telephone message on Saturday. The phone at the laundry service rang unanswered on Saturday.