N. Korea Gets First Western News Bureau

AP Television News opened a full-time office in North Korea on Monday, becoming the first Western news organization to provide regular coverage of that nation.

Under the arrangement, international staff from APTN, which is headquartered in Britain, will work with local staff recruited from Korean Radio and Television.

The announcement followed four years of negotiations with the state broadcaster, Korean Radio and Television, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Once again, The Associated Press opens a window with authoritative and impartial coverage from all parts of the world," said Tom Curley, president and CEO of The Associated Press. APTN is the international video division of the AP.

CountryWatch: North Korea

APTN Executive Director Nigel Baker, in Pyongyang for the opening of the bureau, called it "a groundbreaking opportunity."

"APTN has secured frequent and prolonged access to North Korea over the past four years," Baker said. "The agreement for a full-time bureau now means we'll be the only Western news organization with regular coverage."

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