N.J. Mom Faces Charges After Cursing Out Daughter's Middle School Principal

A New Jersey mother has been charged with disorderly conduct after cursing out a middle school principal, MyFoxNY.com reported.

Cindy Schwalb, the girl's mother, accused a boy in her 13-year-old daughter’s class of pulling down the girl’s pants in front of other students at Hasbrouck Heights Middle School, MyFoxNY reported.

Schwalb became upset when the incident didn’t receive as much attention as she would have liked at a school board seminar, according to MyFoxNY.

She became even more upset after the district superintendent asked her whether her daughter was wearing a thong at the time of the incident.

"I had to find out what body parts were actually revealed," Superintendent Joseph Luongo said, according to MyFoxNY.

After the meeting, Schwalb allegedly cursed out the school’s principal, Edward Bocar.

Schwalb apologized for her comment and left the building, MyFoxNY reported.

School officials reported said that the school board seminar was not the appropriate place for Schwalb to have voiced her concerns.

"Parents should be smarter than that,” Luongo said, according to MyFoxNY.

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