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Time for the My Word Friday Finals: the winners and losers of the week!

First the winners — and topping that list: Rosie O'Donnell. She isn't even working and she's in the news every day with endless suspense about whether she is going to host a game show. It is "The Price Is Right," and she does love the show and Bob Barker did retire, but does anybody else but me think all this is simply working over NBC, which said it wants her?

Another big winner: Michael Bloomberg. Here he is, your run of the mill, ho-hum billionaire who happens to be a mayor. Frankly, big deal. But "Bloomie" managed to convince the media that the possibility of him becoming the next Ross Perot is real. I say a slow news week explains all.

Last big winners: Bill and Hillary Clinton. I thought it was creepy that their "Sopranos" spoof featured a hit man giving them the evil eye. But it got by everybody else and it's been declared a hit: Shows Hillary in a more human light, they say.

Now the losers:

Mike Nifong — big loser last week and this week authorities in North Carolina found more things to take away from him. He lost his job, his law license, they came to take the keys to his office and his parking spot and now there's a chance he could go to jail for trying to put the lacrosse players in jail. His head must be spinning.

NBC — big loser. They had the Paris Hilton interview — codenamed "Rome" — all locked up. But it turns out they both over paid and got exposed by Barbara Walters who got beat out for the interview. The bad thing about this is the official news that NBC does in fact pay for interviews. That's going to be costly in the future.

The jury is still our on the pants lawsuit in D.C. But I think Judge Pearson — the man who is suing over his lost pants — will turn out to be a big loser. He's lost his job over these pants and he's now perceived to be a bully who is running that nice dry cleaner couple out of the country. Bad move from the get-go.

Those are your winners and losers for this week's Friday Finals and that's My Word.

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