I should talk about Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords because he decided to put the Democrats in charge of the U.S. Senate. And that is going to have an effect on a problem many Americans are going to encounter.

In some places, people are going to find that $10 gets them either four or — in some best case scenarios — five gallons of gas. A 25 gallon fill-up is going to cost between $40 and $50.

A lot of the people paying that much for a fill-up are the people who have sent up a cry of bloody murder over the thought of allowing all those filthy oil people to drill some of their horrible wells anywhere near the migrating caribout of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

They are the same people who think it would be awful for their state to have an oil refinery or two, belching who-knows-what and stinking up the neighborhood.

They are the people who put the double whammy on the supply of oil in this country. You can't drill for it, and you can't refine it once you buy it from Saddam Hussein.

Consequently, the price is high.

And thanks to Sen. Jeffords, the Democrats — who would rather get a gold star from the Sierra Club and go on importing more and more oil from the volatile and insecure Middle East — are back in charge.

They say you can't drill your way out of this energy crisis, and that you should just use less.

Sell that Tahoe. Buy a Yugo.

While this dumb debate goes on, supply problems persist and the price continues to rise.

So when you hand over that $40 for a fill-up, think ... ANWR, oil refineries, Democrats and Sen. Jeffords.

They're all coming together for a short supply, high price train wreck at a gas pump near you.

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