My Word for May 20, 2001

I'm fascinated with what the Democrats are doing.

Maybe they're not up to anything as a party, but as individuals ... wow, they're doing some eye-popping things.

Al Sharpton for president? That will keep us busy all of 2003 and 2004 ...

I don't quite understand what happened here. Did Sharpton think the libel trial he faced a year or two ago over the Tawana Brawley fraud needed another replay?

Whatever he thought, he's gonna get it. This will be a guy running for president who says he doesn't even own the suit he's wearing because, if he owns anything — toenail clippers,  anything — Steven Pagones can take it.

Pagones has a judgement against Sharpton over that Brawley fraud, and Sharpton would rather own nothing than give Pagones a penny of the judgment.

Then there's Janet Reno.

Does this woman really want to relive Waco and Elian? If she does, then running for governor in Florida is just the way to do.

There are plenty of people who think she hasn't answered Waco questions sufficiently. Count me in on that one. When she's out there campaigning, she's going to get asked, and those obfuscatory  answers that she perfected as attorney general just won't work.

Then there's California Gov. Gray Davis, who is picking a fight with Pres. Bush and the entire state of Texas. Evidently, he thinks the nation will side with California as it complains about Texans charging them too much for the power to run their hot tubs.

Memo to Gray: Iowa is laughing, and the Northeast is mumbling something you might hear Tony Soprano mumble if you watch The Sopranos tonight.

In other words: California, don't choose off Texas. You'll lose.

So there are the latest Democratic initiatives. Sharpton, Reno and darkened California angry with rich Texans.

It really is priceless.

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