My Word for May 19, 2001

You may not have noticed, but a war has broken out between California and Texas.

The Californians are blaming the Texans for California's energy crisis.

Saturday, the former Governor of Texas — Pres. Bush — outlined his energy pitch in a radio address.

A little later, the Associated Press reported the following:

    Responding to Bush in the Democratic radio address, Calif. Gov. Gray Davis contended that alleged profiteering by energy companies has caused California's annual power bill to grow from $7 billion in 1999 to an estimated $50 billion to $60 billion this year.
   "What's going on here, pure and simple, is unconscionable price gouging by the big energy producers — most of them — incidentally, located in Texas," Gov. Davis said.

Oh, so that's it.

The California governor, who has seen his popularity plummet, is now saying it's the former Texas governor's friends who are ripping off California ... and ... the former Texas governor, in his job as president, isn't doing anything to stop it.

California sold its power plants to energy companies. Do you think Davis didn't notice the energy companies are located in Texas when Sacramento cashed the check?

No, he knew. And he knew tht when things went way South with this upside down and backwards privatizing of the power grid, he could blame Texas.

California is my home state. I was there before at least 20 million of the current population, but California has lost its way, and I have to call my homies on this one.

If you let Gibson Power build generating plants in California, or Jones Power, or anybody ... and we compete with the Texans to give you cheap energy, you will get cheap energy.

If you say: No, we here in Califonria want the blue skies, the uncluttered skyline, and we don't want any of those icky oil people around, then you're stuck with the Texans.

Either open the market up for competitors to come in and undercut the Texans, or just keep sending those billions to Houston.


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