My Word for June 3, 2001

I think today's lesson should be on the great White House trashing caper, or non caper ... depending on your political point of view.

Did certain Clintonistas play animal house as they were leaving the White House so the Bushes would find porn pictures in the copiers and the W's removed from computer keyboards?

The White House has finally produced a list of offenses it found when the Bushes took over.

This after outraged former Clinton workers accused the media of making the story up. This based on the GSA saying it found nothing amiss at the White House to investigate.

Turns out the GSA only looks at the foundations and walls and doesn't care about the W's on computer keyboards.

But enough. This thing is way past silly.

Who would expect the media not to go with this story?

This was, after all, the White House that was packing up furnishings for Clinton private residences, that tried to convince America the Lewinsky matter was about private sex, and not about public lying to a federal judge ... a White House that defended the statement I did not have sex with that woman by saying that particular canoodling isn't actually sex.

When those people step forward and say we didn't moon the guys who beat us and ran us out of town ... who's going to believe them?

Do I know what the facts are in this case? No, not all of them.

Do I think the facts can be discovered and independently verified? Now that the evidence has been painted over and the W's replaced on the keyboards, No. I don't think we can nail down proof.

Does it matter? Not to me. I'd be perfectly happy to say, Okay ... let's take that story back. There was no White House trashing. It makes it easier to go back to all that other lying and say, let's rest our case about the quality of these people in the record that all Americans know is the truth, the whole truth — and despite the best efforts of the Clinton defenders — nothing but the truth.

Why don't we just all wag our collective fingers and leave it at that?

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