My Word for June 19, 2001

I know some gays are going to think I'm a homophobe for saying this, but I hope it's not my gay friends, because they should know better.

I think this controversy about gays and the Boy Scouts is an exercise in gay political power, the power of a near-monolithic voting bloc.

Somehow the Boy Scouts got on the national gay agenda, and it appears that its leadership has decided it's going to win no matter what.

It is not homophobia to oppose Scout leaders being gay, and the reason lies in the nature of pubescent boys — their curiosity about sex and what they're supposed to be doing with their lives.

It seems a simple, and perhaps simple-minded proposition: guys who are interested in men and boys shouldn't be guiding the lives of boys and young men as they are coping with the rigors of puberty and a growing interest in sex.

All of this is supported by the right of free association under the Constitution. The Scouts should make their own rules, and should have the right to do so — no offense to anybody, please.

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