There are quite a few of you out there who express exasperation with me because of my staunch belief in the death penalty.

Why won't I stay calm? I have spent years as a reporter working crime scenes and the courts, and I have seen killers executed. I have seen them walk, and I have seen them stuffed away in a hole for life.

Of the three choices, execution — in my opinion — is best. And in the case of McVeigh, it is quadruple best.

Why? Because he didn't just kill one or two or a dozen people in a passionate, uncontrollable rage.

He had been planning this for years. He weighed the consequences. He knew the damage he would cause. He thought about, and thought about it, and thought about it ...

And after all of that thinking, he still chose to ignite the fuse and walk away ... leaving 168 to die.

When the bomb went off and the smoke clearned, he turned and saw what he had done. And he said, Damn. I didn't bring the building down.

Get this — McVeigh wanted to kill everyone. All of the people in the Murrah building.

So if he'd had his way, we'd be talking about hundreds and hundreds of deaths instead of 168.

A judge would never let me say these things to a jury. It would inflame their passions. Well ... I don't have to ask a judge, and I'm happy to inflame your passions.

Look at it this way. McVeigh killed himself on April 19, 1995 in the Oklahoma City bombing. It's ugly killing someone for justice, but in this case ... it's also right.

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