Some Americans have started receiving their piece of the tax cut. Pres. Bush has been rewarded for that with the lowest poll numbers for any president in five years, which is a long way of saying that Pres. Clinton was that low five years ago.

Evidently, the president needs some advice on how to get his numbers up. And before Dick Morris weighs in on this, I thought I'd give it a go.

For one, the environment. Bush obviously has not demagogued the issue enough, and he should get at it. His oil friends can take it, and if it can help the Democrats, why shouldn't he use it for himself?

When this president says he loves caribou, it should be abundantly clear he does not mean caribou on a platter.

Now, California. Clinton took checks out West every time an earthquake tipped over a bottle of ketchup. Californians can be bought, so ... promise 'em checks, but deliver 'em tons of empathy.

Learn to feel sorry for brush fires.

Patient's bill of rights.  Figure out some other way of saying every person who didn't like the way his band-aid was put on shouldn't be able to sue. Considering most people know that a lot of doctors are no good ... that is not a comforting argument.

Prescription plan. Get out in front. People like cheaper drugs. It's an age-old winner.

There are some more, Mr. President. I'll get back to you.

And we should hear from Dick Morris tomorrow. If I were you, I'd listen to him.

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