My Word for August 16, 2001

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Heads up in Spain and France and Germany where people watch this program and then send me e-mails saying they disagree with me. Heads up because I'm back ragging on the Europeans.

A new poll from the Pew Research Center on Europeans’ attitudes about America and America's President George W. Bush shows that 73 percent of people in four major European countries think President Bush makes decisions entirely on U.S. interests.

News like this could get Bush re-elected here in the U.S. where people are actually allowed to vote for him.

There were other results of this poll, too. Mostly they showed that Europeans disagree with Americans about a whole range of stuff from greenhouse gases to the death penalty and they hold themselves morally and socially superior.

This stuff is not a news flash. Every time some creep in Texas gets the needle we have to endure lectures from these people on how they handle murder so much better than we do.

For starters, they don't worry at all about the person murdered. After all, that person is already dead, so who cares about him or her? They just care about the precious life of the miscreant and they can't bear to bring him to death.

By the way, they tend not to have much opposition to killing a baby through abortion. Similar thinking — the dead don't talk, so they can't object.

But here's my beef: When did the U.S. president become president of the world? You never here Americans saying, mon deux... the French are such ornery cusses cause they do things without consulting us. Hell, they kept Roman Polanski and I think a lot of people here said, if they want him, fine!

But you always hear the Brits and the Swedes and the French and the Germans complaining that their president isn't paying enough attention to them — except when their president was Clinton. They liked him fine.

I thought people from those countries ran those countries. It surprised me to find out George Bush runs those countries and the voters there are mad that he won't listen to them.

Maybe someday soon the newspapers in Britain, France, Germany and Italy — and Sweden, don't forget Sweden — will inform the public that President Bush is the President of the United States and his job is to take care of the U.S.

The world may need a president, but frankly, it can't have ours. Ours is busy taking care of us.

They should get their own. Clinton's available and they love him already. Maybe that will give him a good reason to buy that castle in Ireland.

That's my word.

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