My Word for April 27, 2001

This situation with former Sen. Bob Kerrey and a horrible night in vietnam 32 years ago ...

It seems this debate about Vietnam isn't going to end until everyone who fought in the war, and everyone who avoided fighting and opposed the war, is dead. When history is the jury, some calm may return to the subject.

But .. for now, we're still fighting the thing, and Sen. Kerrey is the latest to get caught in a full auto firefight.

As someone who opposed the war, but supported the warriors, I am opposed to flogging Kerrey about this incident now.

We're all grown ups now, and we all know some pretty ugly stuff happens when you send young men off with guns to oppose other young men with guns.

People get scared, they do almost anything to stay alive, and if they don't, they get killed. Sometimes they get killed or maimed even when they do everything right.

Kerrey was doing his duty, following orders, trying to keep his men alive. Now one of them says he ordered women and children rounded up and shot. Kerrey says his men returned fire and accidentally killed women and children and old men.

Others in Kerrey's squad back up his version of events.

Who is right? Who can possibly know?

What we do know is that Bob Kerrey has been an exemplary figure for the 30 years since whatever happened that night ...

And it's time for America to move on and bury that war.

We've learned the lessons we needed to learn from Vietnam. Now it seems that every time we revisit that old battlefield, it's just to shoot the wounded. It's time we stopped, and Bob Kerrey is the place to stop.

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