My Soldier

To all of you who e-mailed requesting information on the "My Solider" pen-pal program... here's the info: Click on — up in the right corner you'll see a link to click and you'll be redirected. It sounds like a terrific idea and I encourage everyone to do something to support the men and women serving our country.

I had the chance to meet Alberto Gonzales (search) this weekend and chat with him and his adorable wife. What a down-to-earth gentleman. He has made some interesting rulings in his career and seems like a tough one to pigeonhole. Many have argued that President Bush will only appoint right-to-life candidates for the Supreme Court. Judge Gonzalez ruled to allow a teenage girl to have an abortion without parental consent because there was fear she would be abused if her parents were told.

For the numerous people who e-mailed their dismay at what sounds like a VERY racy segment about negligee-clad women in front of a Yule log, I can only apologize. I did not see the show, but after reading dozens of complaints I viewed some of the video. I had the same reaction that you did. I do not think it was appropriate. My rule of thumb is that if I wouldn't want my children watching it, it shouldn't be on the program. These things sometimes slip through. We have a very talented, but very young staff and there are some mistakes made.

Watching to see who claims responsibility for the bombings in Spain. If it's Al Qaeda (search) does that mean this is all they can pull off now? Is our security better than we thought? If they could attack in the U.S., it seems they would.


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